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02 May 2012 @ 03:11 pm
friends cut done  
Okay, the cut is done. I only cut people who either a) I have no idea of who they are, b) haven't updated their journals since about 2008 or even earlier, c) hadn't friended me back or d) err... yeah, that was it.

Everyone else, like HiH people and you, my other friends I've made over the time and I'm still in contact with of course, you're safe.

MEANING, IF YOU HAVE BEEN CUT (WHICH MEANS YOU CAN'T SEE THIS POST), IT HAS MOST LIKELY BEEN A MISTAKE. Just comment to this post and I'll be most happy to add you back! <3
Current Mood: okayokay
ex_c_hrista on May 2nd, 2012 02:04 pm (UTC)
avi ☁ the faerieflyingharmony on May 2nd, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)