January 21st, 2011

Queen's Gambit Beth

In Noctem (Narcissa Malfoy // Ficlet)

Title: In Noctem
Rating/Warnings: R, just to be safe... Includes angst and some blood
Characters/Pairing: Narcissa Malfoy
Beta: None, this time (madly_love , you'll be my beta again as soon after our exams are over, if you still want to ♥) 
Summary: Narcissa makes a dreadful discovery in the middle of the night.
Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do own nothing.
Word Count: 445
Author's Notes: Gosh. I know that I really should not be doing this, at least not now, but I just needed something to distract me from everything at the moment, so I wrote this, just to... Well, to distract me. At least for half an hour.

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