February 16th, 2015

Queen's Gambit Beth

dear rarelywritten author

Dear Rarelywritten Author!

First of all - hi! I'm really excited to be receiving a gift in this exchange from you. To make things rather short, let me tell you that I will be absolutely happy with anything you create for me; what matters the most is that you are happy and comfortable with your piece. I, however, am a complete sucker for anything dark-ish, mysterious and particularly angsty (angst is my crack while pure fluff is not something I usually read).

Generally I'm pretty open for anything, just please try to stay away from heavy graphic torture (including mutiliation and overly gory descriptions), PWP stuff (I am generally not a huge lover of smut fic, so if you choose to stay away from it completely, that's perfectly fine with me!) m-preg (which is obviously not much of an option in this exchange but still something to be mentioned), kinks such as watersports/scat, crossovers in general and extreme AUs (a good example for that would be modern!AU in the ASOIAF fandom which doesn't really apply here either but should give an idea of what I mean). Otherwise, anything else is game!

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