July 30th, 2016

HP Cissy Worried

dear darkest night creator

Dear Darkest Night Exchange Creator!

First of all - hello! ♥ I am very excited to be getting to know you in the near future; thank you so much in advance for creating my gift - I am very much looking forward to reading and/or seeing it. What I would like you to know is that, to me, it is most important that what you write is something you are comfortable with and that you enjoy writing; you will find a list of things I love below, but these are merely suggestions, because no matter what direction you end up going to, I sure am going to love it!

This would usually be the point where I once again declare my eternal love to angst - but looking at the nature of this exchange, I don't think that I need to mention it. I will say, however, that I am not a friend of extremes, most of all the graphic ones. For example: Torture is not necessarily a squick/trigger of mine, I think in certain fandoms I even requested it, mentions of blood are all right as well, but as soon as it turns heavily graphic I'm out. PLEASE, if you choose to write/create something related to this, refrain from things such as mutilation, and other very graphic and extreme things. The same counts for kinks - please no heavy kinks such as PWP or m-preg, either! I am also no true fan of crossovers, but otherwise I am open for many things!

It was pretty difficult for me to pick only twenty additional tags per fandom, but I put great thought into choosing them - more detail in the respective fandom categories, though! If you find that you'd like to add something else to your piece, here is a list of my favourite additional tags that just did not make it into my official requests because I ran out of space.

24 hours left to live, abandonment, abuse, alcohol abuse, amnesia, anorexia, anxiety, attempted rape, bad ending, beating, betrayal, blackmail, character death, character is dead and doesn’t know it, chronic pain, depression, despair, drug addiction, dysfunctional family, eating disorders, emotional hurt, emotional manipulation, enduring pain to protect another, euthanasia, ghosts, grief/mourning, guilt, haunting, hearing voices, imprisonment, incest, insanity, jealousy, loneliness, loss of control , loss of senses, major character injury, major illness, medical trauma, memory loss, mental breakdown , mental health issues, mercy killing, nightmares, not happy, obsession, pain, permanent injury, poison, post-traumatic stress disorder, presumed death, psychological thriller, psychological torture, psychological trauma, rape, rape aftermath, rape and recovery, rape recovery, recovery process after torture, self-harm, self-hatred, self-sacrifice, suicidal thoughts, suicide, suicide attempt, torture, war

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Thank you so very much for creating for me in advance, and as I said, what- and whoever you choose to go with, I will surely love it! ♥