November 15th, 2020

Stock Christmas Hot Chocolate



Hello to an incredibly exciting thing for the second year in a row! ♥ Last year, I hosted a delightful Secret Santa Friendzy, which I took over from the phenomenal phenomenal's version of it back in 2018. I did also take over the rules and basic information, as well as the form, even if with a few minor additions - so if you haven't participated last year and it looks familiar to you, that's why! :D

I have always adored Secret Santas, and I really hope that some of you will be just about as excited about this as I am; even if you won't participate in either the friending meme part or the Secret Santa one, I'd be incredibly happy if you could share it, so it reaches as many people as possible! ♥

♥ An LJ (DW Users are also welcome, so share this on DW and LJ! :D) wide Secret Santa Exchange.
♥ A friending meme.
♥ An international exchange, but with the option to have gifts sent directly to your recipient from the site you ordered (i.e. Etsy or Amazon), to save you as many shipping costs as possible. Personal packages are encouraged, though, of course! (Please do consider, however, that shipping to certain countries may be limited these days, so resorting to direct shipping is definitely something to be given a thought!)

❄ Fill out the application below. It will serve as both friending meme questionnaire and the info your potential Secret Santa receives, should you participate!
❄ Go and make friends, have fun! ♥
❄ If you want to participate in the Secret Santa, fill out THIS Google form. This is how you provide your address! Everything will be handled with the utmost discretion.
❄ You need to fill out both the Google form AND the questionnaire - one is for the official stuff, one for the fun part!
❄ Your gift should be at least around $10-15 in value; there is no upper limit, of course, but that is highly up to you.
❄ Please check the timeline below - and follow it! Ideal case, everyone has a gift by the beginning of their holiday. (Note that Chanukah starts on December 10th this year!)
❄ Once you get your present, post about it in your LJ or DW, in a way that your Secret Santa (who hopefully signed the present with their name) can see it!
❄ If you sign up for the Secret Santa Friendzy, please share this in your LJ/DW - that way as many people as possible can participate! ♥
❄ Please drop me a PM to confirm your match as well as once you've sent your present. I will be chasing after you if I don't hear anything, but only to a certain extent. Let's be fair and ensure that everyone receives a gift!

☆ Sign-ups will be open until November 25th. The friending meme will be running for as long as possible, but Secret Santa closes on that day.
☆ I will send you your matches via LJ (or DW) PM on November 26th!
☆ Please have all presents out by December 5th if possible, but December 10th at the very latest. We gotta consider postage delays and other possible hiccups this year in particular!