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16 February 2013 @ 07:16 pm
dear rarewomen author  

Hello, it's nice to meet you (in near future) ♥ First of all, I wanted to say thank you for participating in the rarewomen exchange and creating my gift! I am incredibly excited to see what you will come up with; what I would like you to know is that I want you to write what is comfortable and fun for you; the notes in this post are simply suggestions and hopefully inspirations. If you find your muse not cooperating with these and wanting to jump off into a completely different direction, that is absolutely fine! What matters the most is that you are comfortable and happy with it. ♥

I am a hooker for anything dark. Dark, angsty, creepy. What I don't care much about are AUs, crossovers and extremes - extreme torture and gore, hardcore kinks and smut in general are not really something I usually enjoy reading. If you like to go into a flangsty direction or add some hints of romance - yay! Now, to the fandoms. My favourites are Harry Potter ♥ and the Bond movies (especially Casino Royale and Skyfall), but I love all three ♥

Harry Potter:
A character I love very much is Druella Black; out of all these characters and fandoms she is likely the one dearest to me. I have my very own head-canon for her, but the least thing I'd like to do is bias you in anyway, therefore all I am going to say is that I've always considered her a very loving woman but perhaps with trouble in showing affection. I ship her a lot with Cygnus and couldn't see anything else but an affectionate relationship between them. I am generally very drawn to the Black women, though (especially Druella's daughters, with Narcissa being my favourite character in general; a cameo of her/them would be a lovely surprise!), so I will be happy about Cassiopeia, too, or really anybody.

James Bond (Craig Movies):
Out of the available characters, Vesper (whom I ship quite heavily with James) from Casino Royale is my favourite, so I'd be particularly happy if you chose to go with a story about her, but what could turn out to be very fascinating is Sévérine's story! Or anything about M. Really go with anybody you like there, everything will rock :D

I love Mrs Hudson! She's secretly my favourite character in the show, tbh. But I am beginning to develop a love for Molly (not shipping her or Mrs H. with anybody -yet?), too! So anything about these two ladies would be awesome.

Again, I want you to be happy with what you write - you're the one creating this piece, you decide in which direction to go! What matters the most is that you enjoy writing; I am sure that I will love whatever you come up with ♥
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