avi ☁ the faerie (flyingharmony) wrote,
avi ☁ the faerie

Fic: "The Queen's Dolour" (Narcissa; PG-13)

Title: The Queen's Dolour
Author/Artist: flyingharmony
Pairing(s)/Characters: Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy; unnamed Death Eaters and Ministry Workers | Narcissa/Lucius
Summary: It was the least she could do, they said, help to improve Azkaban’s security. She would be safe, they said. How wrong they were...
Rating: PG-13(ish) to R
Warnings: Angst, angst, angst, psychological trauma, post-war trauma, mentions of canon character deaths, insanity
Word count: 3302
Genre: Angst, Dark, Horror (Psychological)
Author's notes: This was written for the Horror Fest 2013 at hp_darkarts. A huge thank you to flipflop_diva and takatsukishiori for being wonderful betas and for saving my life. This all turned out to be way more psychological than I first intended, but I’m pretty satisfied with the result – Azkaban is so terrifyingly fascinating.

The Queen's DolourCollapse )
Tags: !fanfic, lucius malfoy, narcissa black, narcissa malfoy, narcissa/lucius

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