avi ☁ the faerie (flyingharmony) wrote,
avi ☁ the faerie

Fic: "All Those Years (They Were Here First)" (Narcissa Malfoy. PG-13.)

Title: All Those Years (They Were Here First)
Author: flyingharmony
Beta(s): flipflop_diva
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Narcissa Malfoy; background Narcissa/Lucius
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1356
Summary: Too many of them had attempted to change what could not be changed, and they all had failed. Too many of them had dared to dream. Narcissa’s hopes and dreams had been blighted when she had been only a girl, in a time when she had just begun to sincerely believe they could come true.
Author Notes: Written for the hp_silencio fest 2013. Much, much love to my ever-wonderful beta, muse and cheerleader Kristine, without whom this piece would not exist in the way it does. Thank you so much for your constant help and support, bb!

All Those Years (They Were Here First)Collapse )
Tags: !fanfic, narcissa black, narcissa malfoy, narcissa/lucius

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