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dear rarepairfest author

Dear rarepairfest Author,

first of all - hello! ♥ I am very excited to be getting to know you in the near future; thank you so much in advance for creating my gift - I am very much looking forward to reading it. What I would like you to know is that, to me, it is most important that what you write is something you are comfortable with and that you enjoy writing; you will find a list of things I love below, but these are merely suggestions, because no matter what direction you end up going to, I sure am going to love it!

I love angst. Anything angsty, really, angst is my crack. I have to say that I adore dark fic in general, but I'm not fond of the extremes; so I'd prefer if there were no highly graphic stuff - no heavy torture or kinks (including PWP, m-preg, mutiliation, etc) please, if possible! What I'm not all too fond of either are extreme AUs (i.e. modern!AU for ASOIAF) and crossovers (except that I am secretly dreaming of a Catelyn Stark/Narcissa Malfoy crossover fic one day, ngl), nor do I like very fluffy fluff very much. I do have a very soft spot for hurt/comfort and hints of romance in an angsty/dark fic, though.

Now, to the fandoms.

Harry Potter: Druella/Cygnus, Andromeda/Narcissa, Andromeda/Ted
Druella/Cygnus is one of my OTPs in the entire series and in general (coming right after Lucius/Narcissa) and they give me tons of feels - based on my headcanon alone, of course. I would love to get to know yours, too! I also ship Andromeda/Narcissa a lot, mostly before their respective marriages, but also post-war; I firmly believe that they reconciled after everything was over. Andromeda/Ted has always been intriguing to me as well - it must have been such big and true love between them and I definitely think that this love persisted until the very end and beyond.

A Song Of Ice And Fire | Game Of Thrones: Catelyn/Eddard, Sansa/Margaery
ASOIAF/GoT is pretty much my main fandom at the moment. I adore Catelyn Stark. She is by far my favourite character, in both books and TV Show. I love the development she has gone through, I love her strength and how, even in moments of great despair, she still pulls herself together and goes on, willing to risk everything, even her own life. What I would really like to see is something like an intense character study; maybe an internal monologue in one of her weak(er) moments far away from the war (her first night after the raven brought the message of her husband's death?) Speaking of her husband, I ship Cat very intensely with Ned (OTP feels forever), and a Cat/Ned centered fic - or at least hints - would warm my heart forever. As for Sansa/Margaery, I have never really paid much attention to them as an actual pairing, but the more I think about them, the more I can see it. I'm not over familiar with that ship yet, so I don't have any wishes/headcanon/etc in particular there.

James Bond: James/Vesper, James/Female M
I don't really have much to say about those two pairings, except that James/Vesper is one of my ultimate OTPs and that James/Female M has always been more of a mother/son relationship to me (even though I can see it in an actual shipping way as well), so, if you choose to write me a Bond fic, I'd definitely James/Vesper over James/M!

Again, I want you to be happy with what you create - you are the author, you decide what to do. What matters the most is that you enjoy writing. I really cannot wait to see what you come up with! ♥
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