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dear yuletide author

Dear yuletide author!

First of all - hi! I'm really excited to be receiving a gift in this exchange from you. To make things rather brief, let me tell you that I will be absolutely happy with anything you create for me; what matters the most is that you are happy and comfortable with your piece. I, however, am a complete sucker for anything dark-ish, mysterious and particularly angsty (angst is my crack while pure fluff is not something I usually read, Crueltide is the keyword).

Generally I'm pretty open for anything, just please try to stay away from heavy graphic torture (including mutilation and the like as well as overly gory, graphic descriptions), PWP fics (I am generally not a huge lover of smut fic, so if you choose to stay away from it completely, that's perfectly fine with me!) m-preg, kinks such as watersports or scat, crossovers in general and extreme AUs (a good example for that would be modern!AU in the ASOIAF fandom which of course doesn't apply to Yuletide but should give an idea of what I mean). Otherwise, anything else is game!

The Mummy Returns (Evelyn O'Connell, Rick O'Connell)
One pairing I have come to ship fiercely, forgotten about for a while and re-discovered with doubled intensity, are Evelyn and Rick O'Connell. I don't really have too much to say about them except that I turn into a giant bundle of feels when I think of them and that an Evie!centric (or Evie!POV) fic would be amazing. I am glad that The Mummy Returns was specifically nominated, since it is my favourite movie in the series I refuse to acknowledge the third one, and it is great to see that after nearly a decade their relationship has blossomed in the way it did, and that they have crafted a truly strong, unbreakable bond that connects them, which is absolutely beautiful.

Memoirs Of A Geisha (Mameha, Hatsumomo)
MoaG is my one favourite book of all time (I'm also very much in love with the movie) and Mameha certainly is one of my very favourite literary characters - I love looking behind the geisha mask and seeing the vulnerable side of her that we get to see very rarely but still. An intense character study about her, or something in the like would be amazing, but of course totally isn't required. I've also grown to like Hatsumomo a lot over time for the same reasons (especially towards the end when her breakdown draws close) and am especially fascinated by her relationship (and its development) with Mameha since they have known each other since their childhood.

Cracks (Any)
I love so much about Cracks! My preference leads stronger towards movie rather than the book, but I really wouldn't mind receiving either canon. I requested any character - since there are only a handful nominated - which includes Fiamma, but I'd rather prefer a piece centering more around Di or Miss G than her. Basically, I will be happy about anything, but a Miss G character study would be particularly exciting because I have a lot of feels for her; she terrifies me, but then at the same time I just feel incredibly sorry for her because (at least in movie canon) she, too, was a victim of that boarding school and is quite obviously very marked by it. Di gives me feels as well because she is so very obviously in love with Miss G and doesn't even realise what is going on until it's way too late - but she manages what Miss G didn't succeed at and breaks away, which is great! No matter what or who you choose to go with, though, I'm sure that I will love it.

Again, though, I want you to be happy with what you create - you are the author, and you decide what to do. What matters the most is that you enjoy writing. I really cannot wait to see what you come up with! ♥
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