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dear trick or treat exchange creator

Dear trickortreatex Creator!

first of all - happy Autumn and hello! ♥ I am very excited to be getting to know you in the near future; thank you so much in advance for creating my gift - I am very much looking forward to reading it. What I would like you to know is that, to me, it is most important that what you write or create is something you are comfortable with and that you enjoy writing/creating the art; you will find a list of things I love below, but these are merely suggestions, because no matter what direction you end up going to, I sure am going to love it!

I love angst. Anything angsty, really, angst is my crack and my favourite thing to read in fanfiction. Angsty art is also amazing, though! I have to say that, while I adore dark pieces in general, I am not fond of the extremes; so I'd prefer if there were no highly graphic stuff - no heavy torture or kinks (including PWP, m-preg, mutilation, etc) please, if possible! What I do not enjoy as much either are extreme AUs (i.e. modern!AU for ASOIAF, which is something I highly avoid - I didn't request it, but it's always a good example) and crossovers (except for maybe a Narcissa Malfoy / Catelyn Stark or Druella Black / TV!Morticia Addams fic because those would be amazing), nor do I like very fluffy fluff in the written word a lot. It doesn't have to be all darkness, destruction and gloom (unless you want it to be!), but 100% fluff is not something I particularly enjoy reading. Looking at it is great, though, I love adorable fluffy artwork! I do have a very soft spot for hurt/comfort and hints of romance in an angsty/dark piece, though.

So, you see that I generally prefer Tricks over Treats, even though I did request Treats in some of the fandoms. Again, though, whatever you choose to go with, whether it's a Trick or a Treat, I am super excited to receive my gift and will absolutely adore it!

Whatever you do, it also doesn't necessarily have to center around Halloween or Autumn itself - you can go into any direction you like, but it would be perfect, if it could somehow capture the feel of it... In case that makes any kind of sense?

Anyway, onto the fandoms! ♥


The Last Czars
Characters: Alexandra Feodorovna | Alix of Hesse-Dramstadt, Czar Nikolai II, Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova, Olga Nikolaevna Romanova
Ships: Alexandra/Nikolai
Trick or Treat? Trick & Treat!

I've always been incredibly fascinated by Russian History, particularly the last Romanovs. The more I read about them, the more I want to discover their relationships, their dynamics, everything about them. When The Last Czars got released by Netflix then, I immediately binged all six episodes, cried my eyes out at the end, and did way more re-watches than I care to admit. So... If I could receive anything about them - particularly Alexandra and Nikolai, I ship them so hardcore - and even the Romanov children I didn't get to nominate (not necessarily Rasputin, though) - that would be the most perfect thing ever. ♥

Whether it's a Trick or a Treat I could not mind less, honestly, I just long so desperately for anything and everything regarding that show (and yes, I lean towards what we know from the show more than the real people, even though it's a DocuDrama), so... JUST GIVE ME ANYTHIIIIING. ♥

Memoirs Of A Geisha
Characters: Mameha, Hatsumomo
Ships: N/A (even though I have a very twisted fascination with Mameha/Baron - without glorifying it, though! - and could totally see Mameha/Hatsumomo!)
Trick or Treat? Trick & Treat!

Mameha is one of my favourite literary characters ever. This book will forever remain my favourite and I cannot even express the love I feel for Mameha since the first time I read it. Same goes for movie!Mameha! Michelle Yeoh is absolutely GREAT for her and I couldn't picture anything else. All throughout the book, Sayuri has been given such great advice by Mameha over and over again and we got to see so much of her but then at the same time so little. She's so incredibly disciplined and never loses focus, but she is vulnerable, too, and there have been rare moments where we see that. I do believe she had feelings for the Baron (and probably hated herself for it) and I do believe that she truly liked Sayuri/Chiyo not only because the Chairman set her up to train her. There is SO much to explore with this character, there are such endless possibilities, anything would just totally excite me!

As for Hatsumomo, she just fascinates me. Mameha suggests in the book that she has been a brat and a diva since her childhood, but of course something must be behind there. She's desperate to survive, and she's desperate to seek love and pleasure but that doesn't go together - maybe that's what made her bitter? What did make her bitter, what did in the end make her so cruel? Was it really jealousy of this pretty new girl or just blank fear that she wouldn't be able to survive if someone took her place? Again, there is so much to explore with her, it's just great!

I picked "both" on the "Trick or Treat" front, but am sort of leaning towards the direction of tricks rather than treats, but that is just my general angst adoration - if you feel like creating a treat, that's amazing! I've requested both because I love both :D

The Mummy Series
Characters: Evy Carnahan O'Connell, Rick O'Connell
Ships: Evy/Rick
Trick or Treat? Trick!

One pairing I have come to ship fiercely are Evelyn and Rick O'Connell. I don't really have too much to say about them except that I turn into a giant bundle of feels when I think of them and that, if you don't choose to go the shipper way, Evie!centric fic would be amazing. "The Mummy Returns" is my favourite movie in the series I refuse to acknowledge the third one, mostly because it is so great to see that after nearly a decade Evie and Rick's relationship has blossomed in the way it did, and that they have crafted a truly strong, unbreakable bond that connects them, which is absolutely beautiful. I will be perfectly happy with any spot in the timeline you pick before the third movie, but "The Mummy Returns" canon would absolutely warm my heart and make me squeal out loud!

I'll be perfectly happy with treats but am generally leaning more towards trick there, just because most of the dramatic parts in the movies still had their fair share of comedic relief elements, and... I just love angst. I love angst so much, haha.

Cracks (2009)
Characters: Miss G, Di Radfield
Ships: Miss G/Di
Trick or Treat? Trick!

Honestly, I'm in love with pretty much everyone in that movie. (I have read and do like the book a lot, too, but this is one of the rare cases where I actually prefer the movie.) While I think Di ends up being my favourite character, Miss G is definitely the one that fascinates me the most - Eva Green is just AMAZING in showing all the different aspect of this crazy complex character: The temptress of young girls, the teacher everyone loves, the slightly manic woman and the utterly desperate girl who never got out of the boarding school that broke her and many, many others. So... Exploring Miss G further would be great. Exploring Di further would be great since she is actually the only one who managed to break away from this once she realised what was going on. Basically, all the relationships amongst the girls and Miss G are just so brilliantly woven together and UGH, anything and everyone in this whole movie is just brilliant!

The angstier the better there, of course! There is just SO MUCH angst potential in this whole movie, and in the whole book, it's amazing.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher, Elizabeth "Mac" MacMillan, Jack Robinson
Ships: Phryne/Mac, Phryne/Jack
Trick or Treat? Trick!

Oh God, I have no words for how very much in love I am with this show. I'm only at the end of the first season (but I don't mind spoilers), and honestly, I adore Phryne. I truly do. I could write novels about how much I adore her, haha. And I really couldn't decide with whom I ship her more - Jack or Mac. Speaking of Mac, I LOVE her. She's lured me in from the first moment on, just like Phryne herself! And she's such a tragic character, really, OMG.

I picked "trick" alone for this fandom because I've been looking for proper angsty vulnerable!Phryne Miss Fisher fic everywhere but to no avail, so of course it would absolutely warm my heart to receive an angsty piece! If it turns more into a treat, however, that's perfectly fine as well! Anything would be totally amazing <3.

Addams Family (1964)
Characters: Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams
Ships: Morticia/Gomez
Trick or Treat? Trick & Treat!

The characters should be quite clear there - there is NOTHING that goes over the beautiful love that Morticia and Gomez share! If you want to create a gen-piece: All perfectly fine with me! But I'd rather you focus on Morticia there, since I have always been so incredibly fascinated by her... If you choose to go with Addams Family, I'd ask you to please stick to the 1964 canon - I've never really gotten into any other portrayals.

Whatever direction you'll choose to go with will be fantastic there - I've been craving some angsty Morticia (or Morticia/Gomez, of course) fic (or generally, an angsty piece) for a long time because I've sort of missed real angst moments in the show - and the few ones were resolved way too quickly tbh - but treats would also just warm my heart! Whatever strikes your fancy will be perfect there. I mean... Couldn't these two be any more perfect for Halloween? ♥

Thank you so much for creating for me in advance, and as I said, what- and whoever you choose to go with, I will surely love it! ♥
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