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dear darkest night exchange creator

Dear Darkest Night Creator! ♥

First of all - Hello! ♥ I am very excited to be getting to know you in the near future; thank you so much in advance for creating my gift - I am very much looking forward to reading or seeing it. What I would like you to know is that, to me, it is most important that what you create is something you are comfortable with and that you enjoy working on it; you will find a list of things I love below, but these are merely suggestions, because no matter what direction you end up going to, I sure am going to love it!

I love angst. I mean, duh, this is a dark exchange, haha. Anything angsty, really, angst is my crack and my favourite thing to read in fanfiction. I have to say, though, that, while I adore dark pieces in general, to read as well as to write, I am not fond of the extremes; so I'd prefer if there were no highly graphic stuff - no heavy torture or kinks (including PWP, m-preg, mutilation, etc) please, if possible! What I do not enjoy as much either are extreme AUs (i.e. modern!AU for ASOIAF, which is something I highly avoid - did not request that, but it's always a good example) and most crossovers. I do have a very soft spot for hurt/comfort and just tiny, delicate hints of romance in an angsty/dark piece, though.

Limiting myself to just 20 tags (I know, technically 40) was more difficult than I believed it would be, but... I think they give a pretty good idea of what I generally like and look for in my dark fics - basically, they all reflect the psychological horror aspect rather than the gore (Which, again, please... no.), so everything similar to these tags (again, limiting myself was hard!), and similar to that pattern... It's all fair game!

And now, onto the fandoms! ♥

MCU (Black Widow)
Characters: Alexei Shotakov, Melina Vostokoff, Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff
Ships: Melina/Alexei

Confession first: I am... Really not a whole lot into the MCU at all. I saw an entirety of two movies, and one of them was Black Widow - that made me bawl through a good 40% of it - and I ADORED it so much.

Natasha and her backstory have always been the most intriguing part of the entire MCU to me, I read so much about her, and seeing Black Widow has honestly opened up an entirely new and massive love for her "family" turned actual family. Also, I honestly ship Melina and Alexei SO much, haha.

So... Anything about that family would be incredible - give me all the Yelena, Melina and Alexei and, obviously, also Natasha, all the misfunctions, dynamics, traumas, maybe more Red Room glimpses/details... Just... Everything. They all endured so much, they are such a tragic family and There is so much love there even though love isn't supposed to be there, and... I love them so much, they might just suck me into the MCU entirely!

The Last Czars
Characters: Alexandra Feodorovna | Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt, Czar Nikolai II, All Four Romanov Children
Ships: Alexandra/Nikolai

I've always been incredibly fascinated by Russian History, particularly the last Romanovs. The more I read about them, the more I want to discover their relationships, their dynamics, everything about them, particularly their life outside the public, their family life, and Alexandra and Nikolai's relationship. When The Last Czars got released by Netflix then, I immediately binged all six episodes, cried my eyes out at the end, and did way more re-watches than I care to admit. So... If I could receive anything about them - particularly Alexandra and Nikolai, I ship them so hardcore - and even the Romanov children - that would be the most perfect thing ever. ♥ Doesn't necessarily have to include Rasputin, though! (I mean, unless you want to turn him even darker and more emotionally abusive which is why I ended up nominating/requesting him, but absolutely NOT into Alix's affair as he was believed to be for a while...)

Honestly, I just long so desperately for anything and everything regarding that show (and yes, I lean towards what we know from the show more than the real people, even though it's a DocuDrama), so... JUST GIVE ME ANYTHING. Anything at all, there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL ALL AROUND. ♥

The Addams Family (1964)
Characters: Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams
Ships: Morticia/Gomez

The characters should be quite clear there - there is NOTHING that goes over the beautiful love that Morticia and Gomez share! If you want to create a gen-piece: All perfectly fine with me! But I'd rather you focus on Morticia there, since I have always been so incredibly fascinated by her... If you choose to go with Addams Family, I'd ask you to please stick to the 1964 canon - I've never really gotten into any other portrayals.

Whatever direction you'll choose to go with will be fantastic there - I've been craving some angsty Morticia (or Morticia/Gomez, of course) fic (or generally, an angsty piece) for a long time because I've sort of missed real angst moments in the show - and the few ones were resolved way too quickly tbh - but treats would also just warm my heart! Whatever strikes your fancy will be perfect there. I mean... Couldn't these two be any more perfect in any way? ♥ The only thing I do request of you, however, is not to turn them against each other - their love is so very, very untouchable!

Characters: Margaret White
Ships: N/A

Another entirely new fandom to me! At least in the fanworks area. I am SO beyond fascinated by Margaret I cannot even put it into words just recently I played her (only partly, though) at my musical theatre degree graduation exam this past June, spent nearly an entire year preparing for that role, and... Oh my God. There is SO much depth and complexity in her. Needless to say, Carrie the Musical is my favourite medium, but I do adore Julianne Moore's rendition of Margaret in the 2013 movie a lot as well.

I didn't request Carrie as well, but in case you wanna go into detail about the mother-daughter relationship - YES! Absolutely! I do, however, prefer you stick to Margaret in case you pick Carrie as the fandom to go! There is SO much tragedy in her backstory (I know there are different interpretations in different media of how she got pregnant with Carrie, and I very much believe that the conception was not consensual at all) and also in her present story, the abuse being ever-present until the point of her becoming the abuser... So much material to work with, so, so, so much there was not yet explored about her... Beneath all these horrible, horrible things she does to her daughter, she is such a tragic character and... Oh God, I do need to explore her even more!

The Worst Witch 2017
Characters: Hecate Hardbroom, Ada Cackle, Agatha Cackle
Ships: Hecate/Ada


ANYWAY, though. I live for emotional Hardbroom. Season 3 has shown us how much there is to her, and how incredibly vulnerable she truly is, and... This could get so dark. So tragic. I believe Hecate to be such a tragic character, really, there could be so much more in her past, even in her present, so much darkness... There could even be darkness in her relationship with Ada, and... Everything. Oh God, the possibilities! So many possibilities! And when Agatha comes into the game, everything gets even worse. We all know how cruel Agatha can be...

Again, though, I want you to be happy with what you create - you are the creator, and you decide on what to do or where to go. What matters the most is that you enjoy writing and creating. I really cannot wait to see what you come up with!
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