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In Noctem (Narcissa Malfoy // Ficlet)

Title: In Noctem
Rating/Warnings: R, just to be safe... Includes angst and some blood
Characters/Pairing: Narcissa Malfoy
Beta: None, this time (madly_love , you'll be my beta again as soon after our exams are over, if you still want to ♥) 
Summary: Narcissa makes a dreadful discovery in the middle of the night.
Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do own nothing.
Word Count: 445
Author's Notes: Gosh. I know that I really should not be doing this, at least not now, but I just needed something to distract me from everything at the moment, so I wrote this, just to... Well, to distract me. At least for half an hour.

She had hidden in the attic. Had hidden there for hours, maybe even a day, did not dare to move, even to breathe, until she was sure that he was gone, until she couldn’t hear any more of his steps. She sent silent prayers to heaven, that he would not find her upstairs, that he would not find her family. But then... Then she heard the screams, heard her husband shouting, heard her sister crying.
Bellatrix, who was so strong, so cold, who never cried, not daring to show weakness. Yes, she could hear her cry, could hear her shout, shouting for help... But she was unable to help her. Unable to help anyone she loved.
She hated herself for hiding, hated herself for not being brave enough to face her destiny, like Lucius, like Bellatrix did. But what choice did they have... They were not able to hide, were not able to run away, like Narcissa did. She had run away, too cowardly to do anything but save her own life. But how much would her life be worth now, now that she had lost everything... How much would her life still be worth, now that she was sentenced to live? To live, knowing, feeling what she had done. What had happened to her family.
The silence seemed to almost kill her when she opened the door, slowly stepped down the stairs, too scared of what she would see when she entered the drawing room. But yes, yes she did enter the drawing room, almost collapsing when she found her sister, lying on the floor, motionless, all covered in blood, next to her husband...
Narcissa suddenly felt dizzy, so incredibly dizzy, sank down on her knees, desperately trying to hear, to feel them breathing... „No...“, she whispered, over and over again, not willing to realize what she saw. She had expected it to be like that, had expected everything to be exactly like that... But seeing them, seeing them right before her eyes, dead... It broke her heart, broke it into small pieces...

„Cissy... Cissy, wake up...“
She gasped for breath when she felt the hand on her shoulder, hastily opened her eyes, found herself in the bedroom, lying next to Lucius, who had carefully wrapped her arm around her, trying to allay her. „It was just a dream, Cissy“, he whispered into her ear. „Everything’s alright... It was just a dream...“
She was unable to understand what he told her, unable to realize that what had happened was not real.... That nothing she had just seen was real, that it was just a dream. Just a dream... She suddenly heard steps from outside.
Tags: !fanfic, narcissa malfoy

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