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Trapped (Narcissa Malfoy // Ficlet)

Title: Trapped
Rating/Warnings: R, just to be safe... Includes angst and blood
Beta: None, again this time.
Characters/Pairing: Narcissa Malfoy
Summary: They had taken everything from her. Had taken her wand, had taken her freedom, had taken her life.
Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do own nothing.
Word Count: 540
Author's Notes: I know, the ending is quite abrupt, but I ran out of time (this was originally written for hh_writersblock)

They had taken everything from her. Had taken her wand, had taken her freedom, had taken her life. She was trapped, trapped in a small room that had been her prison for weeks, for months, and that would remain her prison as long as she lived.
She still was not able to understand why Lucius had brought her here, whether it was to protect or to destroy her. Lucius... The man she had trusted, had loved for so many years, the only one who had been there for her, who had been able to understand her. Yes, it was him who had brought her to this place, who had abandoned her when she had needed him the most. He did not even visit her. Had never come to see her, as if he had forgotten her in the moment they locked her into her room, in the moment they made her drink the first potion to calm her down. To make her will-less.
She had been staring at the mirror for many hours, without realizing that the woman, once beautiful, but now thin and pale like a ghost, the woman that was wilfully holding her gaze, was actually her. He said, that it was for her best. That it was all for her best, that she’d never be able to...
Tears were streaming down her face when she remembered his words, when she heard his voice again in her head, talking to her as if she was a child, telling her how much he loved her... But how, how could he love her, and still lock her up? Lock her up, just for her best? She would not be able to bear another night in this prison, would no longer be able to hear the screams in the other rooms, to hear the steps in the corridor.
She had screamed herself too. Had screamed, cried, had begged to let her out, but they had just given her another potion. Had forced her to drink, when she tried to resist.
She rose, took just a step forwards to the mirror, closed her eyes for no more than a second. She did not even know if her family was still alive. Did not know if Lucius had survived the war he had desperately fought in, if he was still a free man, or already sentenced to spend his life in Azkaban. She did not know anything. And would never learn.
The mirror burst into a thousand pieces, with a loud, rattling noise. Hastily she took one of the shards, could already hear the steps outside of her room, echoing in the long marble corridor. Narcissa’s hands were trembling when she cut. Cut deeply into her flesh, knowing that this would be the only option to escape. She could see the blood streaming down her wrists, everything around her suddenly started to rotate. She could hardly see the door opening, almost unable to recognize Lucius, sinking down on his knees next to her, catching her in his arms, holding her body, as firmly as he could... He whispered words into her ear, words she was no longer able to understand, but she smiled when she closed her eyes. He had not forgotten her...
Tags: !fanfic, narcissa malfoy

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