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Ficlet: Sisters. PG. Narcissa. Andromeda.

Title: Sisters
Summary: After the war, Narcissa and Andromeda meet at Bellatrix's grave.
Characters/Pairings: Narcissa Black-Malfoy, Andromeda Black-Tonks; mentions of Bellatrix and Lucius
Genre: Drama?
Rating/Warnings: PG
Word Count: 768

Then sun had already set when Narcissa reached the cemetery. She often came here, in the middle of the night, to visit her sister’s grave.
Three months had already passed since she had lost Bellatrix, and her heart still seemed to burst in a thousand pieces when she thought of her, of what had happened before her death. The war had broken them all, even Bellatrix, her strong, indestructible sister Bellatrix, who had fought for her master until the end.
His best and last lieutenant, they had called her, some respectfully, some deprecatingly. She had fought, but she had lost.
Narcissa herself had given up fighting long before, had beseeched her family to do the same, but no one would ever listen to her. She was not a Death Eater, she did not know what it meant to serve the Dark Lord, faithfully, even if it meant to die. Dying for him was an honour, Bellatrix had said, unaware of how much she hurt her sister. But even if she knew, she would not have cared about her or her feelings. Narcissa was her sister, but Lord Voldemort was everything to her.
Narcissa started to run when she saw a woman, sitting on the bench, opposite to Bellatrix’s grave. The bench she had sat on for hours, shortly after her death, talking to her, as if she were able to hear her. She gasped for breath when she recognized the stranger. “What are you doing here?“ she asked, coldly, hardly able to keep control over her voice. The woman rose, their gazes crossed, for only a second. She smiled, a sad, hesitant smile. “Cissy... I... I didn’t know you were coming here...“
“What are you doing here, Andromeda?“ Narcissa asked again, biting her lip until her mouth filled with blood. She turned away from her, not willing to look at her sister any longer. Sister... Why’d she still call her sister, after everything she had done, after all the pain she had caused her and her mother. No... No, her only sister was dead, her body buried at this place, only a few steps next to her.
“She was my sister too,“ Andromeda said, quietly, in order not to annoy Narcissa any more. But she only laughed, a cold, hysterical laugh. “Sister... How dare you call her sister? How dare you showing up, here, at this cemetery, out of the blue, as if nothing had happened? You have not even been to her funeral! How dare you pretending to care? Now? Now, that she’s dead, now that everything’s over? You should’ve cared twenty years ago!“ Narcissa’s attempts to stay calm had failed, she started to shout, suddenly filled with anger, feeling, so desperate, so helpless, more than she had ever felt in her life before. She knew that it was not only Andromeda infuriating her, but everything that had happened in the past few months, the past few years.
She had lost the only person she had ever been able to talk to, to share her fears with, the only person to ever understand her. Lucius... By Merlin, he loved her, but he had to deal with his own problems, and talking to him was nearly impossible. Who but Bellatrix would she ever be able to confide in, who but Bellatrix would ever be able to catch her when she fell... Who?
Andromeda, her lost sister? After all the years, after everything that had happened? Would it be possible to just start again, to just...
“My husband is dead,“ Andromeda said, interrupting her thoughts, selfish as always. No, she had not changed, was still thinking about nothing but herself... As if Narcissa would still care about her filthy husband... She did not respond, not even when Andromeda carefully touched her shoulder. “Cissy...“
“It was a mistake to come here,“ Narcissa said eventually, briefly looked at the insrciption on the gravestone. How often had she stared at the letters, engraved in marble... How often had she read the words, over and over again, until everything had started to blur before her eyes. She turned around, ready to leave. But Andromeda shook her head, took her wrist to put her back “It’s alright, Cissy,“ she said, quietly, her light brown eyes filled with tears. “I’ll leave. You were right, I am not supposed to be here. You will never see me again here. I promise.“
She left, slowly, without turning around. Narcissa closed her eyes, wanted to call her name, wanted to shout at her, to ask her to come back. To tell her she’d missed her... But she didn’t.
Tags: !fanfic, andromeda tonks, narcissa malfoy

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