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Fic: Three Wishes. PG.

Title: Three Wishes
Summary: Three sisters, three first dates.
Characters/Pairings: Bellatrix Black, Andromeda Black, Narcissa Black, Rodolphus Lestrange, Ted Tonks, Lucius Malfoy // Bellatrix/Rodolphus, Andromeda/Ted, Narcissa/Lucius
Genre: Romance, I guess
Rating/Warnings: PG
Word Count: 1168


She did not even know why she had agreed to meet up with him. Oficially. As a date. Date... Dates were ridiculous, a waste of time. But Rodolphus had asked her to go out with him, and she had said yes. What other choice did she have, to be honest? None. They both knew that they would be going to marry as soon as they had graduated from school, to keep up their blood lines. So why not try and make it at least a little romantic?
They both could not be less interested in big romances, but it was definitely worth an attempt.
He would pick her up at seven, but what would they do? She had no idea. You did not have many choices to go out in Hogwarts.
She had to admit that her daily glance at the mirror lasted longer than only the usual second, but still, she did not put much effort in her looks.
He’d wait in their common room, he had said, and Bellatrix still did not know if he had really understood the difference between picking someone up and waiting for them, but well, no one was perfect.
It was only half past seven, and she had been ready for an hour already, so what should she do? She decided to sit down on her bed and reat, like she often did in her spare time.
But only a minute after she had set down she could hear Rodolphus’ voice, echoing in the dungeons. “Bella? Are you ready?“
She had stopped wondering how he managed to shout loud enough to be heard everywhere, without using a spell on his voice. She rose, entered the common room only a second later. “Rodolphus you idiot, we said seven, not... Oh.“
She had forgotten that her watch had been broken and kept on showing her the wrong times. Rodolphus laughed, his dark, husky laugh. “Let’s go.“
“Go where?“
“You’ll see.“
Bellatrix sighed. She hated these kinds of answers. “Rodolphus, I am certainlynot in the mood to play games, so I am asking you once again, for the last time: Where are we going and what will we be doing?“
“Counter question: What do you want to do?“
“Torturing people does not count, I guess,“ Bellatrix replied, cruelly dry, “so... I don’t know. Better you decided.“
Again, he laughed. “That’s why I love you.“
“Oh, shut up.“

The Room of Requirement was covered in black velvet when they opened the door, illuminated by only a few candles. It was filled with lots of suspicious and dangerous looking objects. All in all, it reminded Bellatrix very much of Borgin and Burkes in Nocturne Alley. Oh, how she loved that shop!
“Practice time,“ Rodolphus said, smiling, a mischievous smile. His eyes were shining with excitement. Bellatrix could not help staring at him; staring at the room. “Is it... Is this what I think it is?“ she stammered. Rodolphus shrugged. “Well... If you think what I think, then yes.“
A shy, hesitant smile rushed over her lips. “Wow.“
“You seem to like it.“
Bellatrix sighed. “Well... Mostly I am surprised, and... I have to admit... Yes.“
Indeed, she was surprised, positively surprised. And yes... Yes, she liked what what she saw so far. Maybe this evening would not be as bad as she thought...


“Ted, for Merlin’s sake, where are we going?“ Laughing, gasping for breath Andromeda followed the young boy, who was running through the corridors, her long, light brown hair flowing in the wind.
“Room of Requirement!“ Ted shouted while he was turning left, not caring about that they could be seen by either Bellatrix or Narcissa. They’d probably kill them, right here, or at least write Andromeda’s parents, so they could commit the deed. A Black seen with a muggle born boy... It was unbelievable. The consequences would be unbelievable...
They had reached the huge door now, it opened, and they entered the Room of Requirement.
“Welcome to the cinema!“ Ted said, smiled at her, happily, but gasping for breath. He was cute when he was excited, Andromeda had to admit... But the word ‚cinema’ had made her frown. She had never heard of something like that before. “The what?“ she asked, gazing around the room. A very comfortable looking couch was placed in the middle of the ‚cinema’, standing in front of a huge, white parchment that was stretched on the wall. “We’re going to watch a movie,“ Ted said, sounding like he couldn’t believe that she had never heard of a cinema before. But she looked even more confused than before. He could not help sighing. “Moving pictures with sound,“ he explained, a little impatient.
“Well... Okay so far...“ Andromeda replied. “But... What’s the point in staring at a portrait? Cissy’s the one who likes going to the museum and all that stuff, and she can talk about the pictures for hours, but I’m more into...“
“Shut up and stare at the portrait.“


She had never been so excited before in her life. Hours had she spent in the lavatory now, but she stillw as not happy enough with her looks. Well, she looked good, yes, but she wanted to look incredible.
Looking just good was not an option. She was a Black, and Blacks would never be happy with the average.
She was so curious about what Lucius had planned for their first date... He had told her to meet him in front of the Room of Requirement, but nothing more. She could feel, could hear her heart beat with excitement... And she could not help smiling. How long had she been waiting for this moment to come... How long had she been dreaming of going out with Lucius Malfoy...
After another look in the mirror she decided she’d finally look decent enough for him, rose, left the room and reached the Room of Requirement a few minutes early. Lucius was already waiting for her, with a smile on his face. “You look incredible, Cissy,“ he said when he opened the door. “I’m glad you came.“
“Merlin’s Beard...“ Narcissa entered the room, her eyes wide open. It was, like they had entered another, a whole new world, a room that looked like a restaurant, illuminated by thousands of candles. Never had she seen something that beautiful before. And that smell... “Did you blackmail the house elves to cook a dinner for two?“ she asked, knowing that it was rude, but she just could not help it. Lucius laughed. She was lucky he had a sense of humour. “Well, being a Malfoy does have ist advantages from time to time,“ he replied. Silence followed. “Also, I... I have been planning this for so long, that I wanted it to be perfect.“
Perfect. Narcissa closed her eyes for a second, smiling... He had wanted it to be perfect... And it was. The evening had not even started yet, but it was. Perfect. Yes... Yes, it was perfect indeed.
Tags: !fanfic, andromeda tonks, andromeda/ted, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix/rodolphus, lucius malfoy, narcissa malfoy, narcissa/lucius, rodolphus lestrange, ted tonks

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