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Fic: Sous Les Étoiles. Narcissa. Lucius. R.

Title: Sous Les Étoiles
Summary: Her hands, her whole body started to tremble. She sank down to the floor, down on her knees, next to his body, unable to stand any longer, closing her eyes, just to open them again, as if she were trying to wake up from a nightmare. But this was not a nightmare...
Characters/Pairings: Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Andromeda Black; some Andromeda&Lucius
Genre: Angst? IDK
Rating/Warnings: R; Torture, Mention of Rape, Death
Word Count: 1889
A/N: Written for 7_deadly_sins_; prompt #3: 'Wrath' (table here)

Her hands, her whole body started to tremble. She sank down to the floor, down on her knees, next to his body, unable to stand any longer, closing her eyes, just to open them again, as if she were trying to wake up from a nightmare. But this was not a nightmare...
She covered her face with her hands, all smeared in blood, his blood. Could believe what had happened, could not remember how irate she had been, just a few minutes before. It’d been only seconds... Only a few seconds that had turned all her anger into sheer despair.

It had already become dark when Narcissa Malfoy reached the door. She had made use of her husband’s absence and gone for a walk, for an hour or even longer, trying to get her thoughts in order, to distract her from the memory of past happenings. But she had failed. Had been unable to think of anything else but him. She’d walked slowly, her whole body sore, heavy. Had prayed he’d not return before her. Lucius had forbidden her to go out alone, especially at night. He’d forbidden her so many things...
Narcissa sighed when she closed the door behind her back. How often had she wished to be able to turn back time, to revive her past, to not make the same mistakes again... But she knew it was impossible. Lucius did not seem to have returned yet, she gratefully noticed, while getting up the stairs, heading for the bedroom. She was tired, hadn’t slept much in the past few nights.
Narcissa frowned when she reached the first floor, hearing voices from their room. Had she been mistaken? Had Lucius returned already? But who could be with him, now, at this time? It was almost midnight, and not even her sister would come to visit her later than ten o’clock. She could feel her heart beating heavily in her chest, bit her lip when she laid her right hand on the doorhandle, entering the room.
Her eyes opened widely, with fright and surprise. She could see Lucius, halfway undressed, in a close embrace with Bellatrix... Her sister, her own sister, passionately kissing her husband... Bella... No. No, this was not Bellatrix, this could not be possible... She gasped for breath when she realized. Andromeda.
Why her? Why the blood traitor, why Andromeda? Narcissa asked herself, over and over again, damning herself for her thoughts. Why couldn’t he choose Bellatrix?
How much more shame would he be able to put on her family? On both their families? Andromeda, why Andromeda? Narcissa could hardly suppress a sob, was so ashamed of her thoughts, ashamed of what she saw... She didn’t even realize they’d noticed her. Were now standing next to each other, staring at her, as if she were a ghost. Minutes seemed to have passed until Narcissa was able to look at her sister, at her tousled hair, the smeared lipstick in her face... Sister... Why’d she still call her ‚sister’ after everything that had happened, after everything she’d done...
“Out,“ she whispered to Andromeda, barely able to keep control over her voice. She closed her eyes, for no longer than a second, just to still see her when she opened them again, staring at her, as if she were a ghost. “Get out before I forget myself!“
Andromeda seemed to be paralyzed, unable to move, unable to speak, just stood there, breathless, her light brown eyes wide open with fear. But then she seemed to realize, started to run, as fast as she could, as if she wanted nothing more than to escape. Her shoulder was quickly streaking Narcissa’s when she left the room, leaving her behind, alone with her husband.
Again, Narcissa closed her eyes, disgusted by what she saw, closed her eyes, desperately trying to ban the picture from her head. “How dare you...“ she asked, hardly audible, her voice calm, but husky. “How dare you cheating on me in my own house... Don’t you think you’ve hurt me enough already?“
Lucius did not reply. He just smiled at her, a cruel, disgusting smile, taking a step forward while he removed bits of Andromeda’s lipstick from his cheek. Narcissa’s whole body started to tremble when she looked into his face. When she saw the shine in his grey eyes. She recognized that expression, yes she did... Run, an inner voice told her over and over again. Run, before it’s too late!
She knew what he’d do to her. She knew what would happen if she didn’t... He’d only have to take one more step to easily be able to take her arm, to completely gain control over her. No. Not this time. She wouldn’t allow him to hurt her any longer. Beneath her cloak, her fingers were clenching around her wand, ready to use any spell or curse against him. “Don’t come any closer,“ Narcissa whispered, her voice dangerously quiet, now pointing the wand on his chest. But he just laughed... A cold, terrifying laugh. “You know, Narcissa,“ he said, sneeringly, looking at her, undressing her with his eyes. “You’re almost sweet when you’re angry. But now stop playing games and be a good girl. I won’t hurt you then, I promise.“
Quickly she turned away from him, staring at the drawer, at his father’s knife lying on a little glass plate, desperately trying to avoid his gaze. This time it was her, not to reply, to remain silent. Her whole body was still trembling, trembling with wrath, not with fear... No, not this time... One more word... Only one more word of him and he’d regret everything he’d done to her in the past... Everything...
Lucius laughed again, almost sounding amused. “Come on Cissa, we both know that you don’t have the guts to seriously hurt me,“ he continued, his voice cold as ice. “Stop provoking me or I’ll get angry.“
He firmly took her wrist, forced her to turn around again, to look into his eyes... Seemed to have forgotten about the wand in Narcissa’s hand. “Crucio,“ she whispered, immediately taking a step back after he’d released the grip. Tears of anger were now streaming down her face. She remembered everything he’d said to her, everything he’d done when she had been so helpless... Once again felt the pain he’d caused her, every day, every night... Suddenly saw herself entering the room again, like she had done only a few minutes earlier... Saw them, Lucius and Andromeda, her own sister Andromeda, embracing, passionately kissing, about to undress each other... Saw Andromeda’s frightened face when she realized they were not alone, Lucius’ smile... “Crucio!“
He sank down to the floor. Gasping for breath, his eyes glistening furiously. “Stop...it...“ he hissed, seemed to be unable to speak in proper sentences.
But Narcissa wouldn’t stop... No... She wouldn’t... “How does it feel?“ she asked, quietly. “How does it feel, being the victim for once?“
She had raised her voice now, kept on looking at him, focusing on him, almost enjoying his pain. Like he had always enjoyed hers... His desperate attempt to suppress a scream wouldn’t succeed any longer, Narcissa knew he was fighting against weakness, a fight he was destined to lose.
“You knew I’d catch you, didn’t you,“ she suddenly said, after a few minutes of silence, her voice cold as ice. “You knew I’d catch you, that’s why you brought her here... Because you’re very well aware of how much it’d hurt me. Because...“
Because you’re very well aware of that I still love you, she wanted to say, but she bit her tongue. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction and admit she still loved him. She did, of course she did. She still loved him, after everything he’d done to her, after everything that had happened between them. But how could she ever forgive him, how?
Her anger now seemed to control everything, her thinking, her emotions... She wanted nothing more than to see him suffer. To hear him scream, like he had heard her scream so many times before.
He still did not say a word, his face, his cloak now wet with sweat, his whole body trembling. His cold, grey eyes were focused on her, their expression almost imploring. As if they were silently begging her to stop.
Narcissa would not answer his plea, would not release the curse, only intensify its force. “I won’t stop,“ she whispered, barely recognizing her own voice. “I promise you, I won’t... Not until you give in, lose your mind... Until you break, like I broke years ago.“
Now, Lucius started to scream, to swear, to spit out insults, threats... Narcissa only closed her eyes, laughed. “You regret it now, don’t you?“ she asked. “Everything you did to me!“
“Fine!“ Lucius shouted, barely able to breathe. The pain seemed to be almost unbearable for him now. “I shouldn’t have taken Andromeda to our house, it was a mistake! That’s what you want to hear, isn’t it?!“
Narcissa had almost dropped her wand. Her eyes opened widely, she turned away from him fro a second, unable to believe what she’d just heard. “You don’t seriously think I’d still care about Andromeda,“ she said, quietly, her voice husky, almost hurt. “You... You are very well aware of what I am talking about.“
She pushed up a piece of her cloak with her left hand, still holding her wand with the other, pointing on him, exposing a cut on her chest that built a gruesome contrast to her almost snow white skin. It didn’t look older than only two or three days. “I’m talking about this.“ she whispered, her voice trembling with anger. “About this and all the other cuts and bruises you inflicted me over the years. About the Cruciatus Curse you used on me until I almost lost consciousness... About how you raped me, beat me when I begged you to stop... How you made me feel guilty afterwards, how you made me feel like a worhtless piece of dirt! That’s what I’m talking about!“
She turned away from him, exhausted, trying to suppress her tears, her wand falling down to the floor. Silence followed, Narcissa could hear Lucius sigh with relief. She reached out for the doorhandle, willing to leave him alone, willing to surrender... Until she heard his laugh. A weak, quiet, but triumphant laugh.
Narcissa closed her eyes, desperately trying to not let anger take over control, to force herself to remain calm... But she failed. Quickly she headed for the drawer, taking the knife, her fingers gripping around the helve, his laugh resounding in her head...
“You’re too weak,“ she heard him say, his voice still husky, but cold. Harsh. “I told you you’d be too weak to-“
He did not finish his sentence. Became silent, all of a sudden. The knife had precisely hit his chest, had made his grey eyes lose all expression at once. He had just raised, sank down to the floor again, lifeless, his head hardly thudding the floor, all covered in blood, blood that just wouldn’t stop flowing...
Her knees, her whole body started to tremble. Narcissa closed her eyes, just to open them again after seconds, unable to avert her gaze, unable to move. As if she were paralyzed. She wanted nothing more than to turn away, but kept on focusing on him, on his face, his body, the knife... She gasped for breath, hysterically gasped for breath, as if she were choking... And started to laugh.
Tags: !fanfic, andromeda tonks, lucius malfoy, narcissa malfoy, seven deadly sins

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