avi ☁ the faerie (flyingharmony) wrote,
avi ☁ the faerie

Fic: Sous Les Étoiles. Narcissa. Lucius. R.

Title: Sous Les Étoiles
Summary: Her hands, her whole body started to tremble. She sank down to the floor, down on her knees, next to his body, unable to stand any longer, closing her eyes, just to open them again, as if she were trying to wake up from a nightmare. But this was not a nightmare...
Characters/Pairings: Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Andromeda Black; some Andromeda&Lucius
Genre: Angst? IDK
Rating/Warnings: R; Torture, Mention of Rape, Death
Word Count: 1889
A/N: Written for 7_deadly_sins_; prompt #3: 'Wrath' (table here)

It had already become dark when Narcissa Malfoy reached the door. Collapse )
Tags: !fanfic, andromeda tonks, lucius malfoy, narcissa malfoy, seven deadly sins

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